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  1. Instagram - @jf_clark

    If interested in the price of any work please contact jfclark.work@gmail.com

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  2. Through the creation of simplified narratives to grasp for orientation, conspiracy-theories attempt to make sense of complexity. It is this process of trying to find orientation that is the basis of my work which is informed by a fascination of science-fiction, political thriller and dystopian film. Conspiracy not as a network of links but as a mood, as perpetual pursuits to find solid ground. 

  3. b. 1998, London

    Lives and works in Glasgow, UK

    contact - jfclark.work@gmail.com


    The Glasgow School of Art (BA Fine-art Photography) 2016 - 2020

    University of the Arts Helsinki (Time and Space Arts) - 2019



    'Gaps between gaps' - Stallan-Brand (Glasgow) - 2020

    'Fantôme/Aave' - Vaapan Taiteen Tila Helsinki/Galerie au Medicis Paris - 2019

    ‘How to Survive Kaamos’ exhibition at Vapaan Taiteen Tila Helsinki - 2019

    ‘Rooted’ - Where People Sleep group exhibition - 2018

    ‘Sobremesa’ exhibition at Wasps Studios - 2018

    ‘More is Less’ exhibition at Laurieston Arches - 2018

    Fine Art Photography Book Launch at Transmission Gallery - 2018

    ‘Feedback Loop’ exhibition at GSA Photography studio - 2018

    ‘Something to Do With A Body’ open flat exhibition - 2017

    ‘Zeitgeist’ exhibition at New Glasgow Society - 2017

    ‘Who Knew the Wind was so Loud’ exhibition at New Glasgow Society - 2017

  4. Publications/Press

    Source Magazine - Graduate Photography Online 2020 


    TIM Magazine - Febuary 2020

    PITH Zine - Issue: This is Not Drinking Water 2020

    GUM ('blue, wait and see') - 2020 - https://www.glasgowuniversitymagazine.co.uk/blue-wait-and-see/?fbclid=IwAR3wqe8HhwJXl54KxmFzQFyoc7q3_rZIHp15FtPmdxFIH08nDp4DI444cFw

    Featured Artist in Radical Art Review Issue #4 ‘Farewell Earth’ - 2019 - https://www.radicalartreview.org/issue-four-farewell-earth