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  1. Generated, Glitch, Model Paintings - 3D Digital Render - Ongoing

  2. Cork board for conspiracies of your choice 

  3. Generated worlds

    Script created in Python that geneates random terms for world building - making use of terms from politics, philosophy, ecology, computing, psychology and geography. 

  4. Each dot = 50,000 data records collected by ‘Black Hole’ GCHQ program each day

    (This includes: search history, social media posts and messages, call logs, emails and more)

  5. Elevator Pitch (2017) 

    Self -published zine on non-verbal communication and anxiety

  6. Comics - Digital Illustrations - 2018

  7. ‘More is Less’ Exhibition - May 2018

    (Laurieston Arches, Glasgow)

  8. Hands Series (2017)

    Hands Series (2017)

    Hands Series - 2017

  9. Keywords

    Poster series on leaked keywords used in NSA Surveillance software (1-5)

  10. Random generation of subcultures on receipt paper. 

    Commisioned for Zeitgeist (2018) exhibition at New Glasgow Society