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  1. 'Pretend AI, Pretending to be People'

    Collaborative exhibition with UCL's Multimedia Anthropology Lab (2021 - ongoing)

    This virtual space presents an ongoing conversation and collaboration between artists Zach Mason and Joseph Clark both who are interested in data collection, visualisation and the transformations of artificial intelligence.


    In a bedroom, inspired by the setting that many conversations between us have taken place, we will take on the role of AI where we limit ourselves to responding only to what has been said through the information present in the room, without the context of each others prior intentions or personal lives. Text, 3D models and video works will be systematically produced in response to one another and placed in the room. Neither of us take the same perspectives on the benefits, dangers and possible governance of AI but through this ongoing collaboration, and quasi-performance, we will experiment with how an AI would question itself and interpret others. 


    The room will gradually become cluttered with objects and images - overlapping, merging and colliding with each other. Those who access the space may view each object as a conversation, or statement, in itself or step back and view the bedroom as a larger dialogue.


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  3. 'Gaps between gaps' - Stallan-Brand (Glasgow) 

    March 12 - April 3 2020

    An exhibition on conspiracy and world-building.

  4. Fantôme/Aave (2019)

    This is Fiction - Single Channel Video Projection (First Image)

    In collaboration with Mensonge Collectif, co-curated with Cesar Kaci and Aliha Thalien

    Vapaan Taiteen Tila Helsinki/Galerie au Medicis

  5. How to Survive Kaamos (2019)

    Vapaan Taiteen Tila Helsinki 

    'D.B' - Single Channel Video Projection (First Image)

    Exhibition taken place in a still active nuclear bunker within the city centre of Helsinki.


  7. 'Gaps between gaps' - Solo Exhibition Stallan-Brand (Glasgow) - 2020

    'Fantôme/Aave' - Vaapan Taiteen Tila (Helsinki)/Galerie au Medicis (Paris) - 2019 Co-curated with Mensonge collectif

    ‘How to Survive Kaamos’ exhibition at Vapaan Taiteen Tila (Helsinki) - 2019

    ‘Rooted’ - Where People Sleep (Glasgow) - 2018

    ‘Sobremesa’ - Wasps Studios (Glasgow) - 2018

    ‘More is Less’ - Laurieston Arches (Glasgow) - 2018

    Fine Art Photography Book Launch at Transmission Gallery (Glasgow) - 2018

    ‘Feedback Loop’ - GSA Photography studio - 2018

    ‘Something to Do With A Body’ Open flat exhibition (Glasgow) - 2017

    ‘Zeitgeist’ - New Glasgow Society - 2017

    ‘Who Knew the Wind was so Loud’ - New Glasgow Society - 2017